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How to Assess your website’s rank in Google?

Published on September 19, 2012

Is your website really positioned at the top of Google’s SERPs?

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Are you among Google’s first results?

When assessing their website’s online ranking, most people will do a quick search on Google and spot their website’s ranking. More often than not, their website will show in Google’s first Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Giving the impression that their website is well ranked. Unfortunately, they are wrong!

In fact, Google recognizes your habits on your computer and draws inspiration from past searches when displaying results. With that, Google knows that you like your website and, consequently, it will display your website higher in its results compared to other users. It gives out the impression that your website is well positioned, when in fact it’ll only be on your computer.

Try this: do the same search on Google on two different computers, you’ll notice different results!

How to determine if your website is really in Google’s first SERP?

Here are three methods to validate a website’s ranking:

  1. Use a private window for your browser
    To verify your website’s ranking on your PC, you can use a private browser window allowing you to navigate anonymously. When activating private browsing, Google sees you as a new user on a new computer.
    Click on this link if you want to know how to access a private window for your favorite browser.
  2. Use a friend’s computer
    You can use a computer whose users don’t have a particular interest for your website such as a friend’s computer, at an internet café or public library.
  3. Use a keyword position evaluation service

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