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Diffusio Guarantee

Diffusio guarantees that an SEO expert remains your main point of contact during the length of your decree.

Diffusio will optimize your website’s position by creating a custom strategy for your business in order to ensure a fully optimized service.


Diffusio will advise you on the most beneficial SEO strategy to adopt.


Diffusio will not work with your direct competitors. For example, if your expertise is life insurance in Quebec, Diffusio will not be able to work with due to its business relationship with However, if you are a mortgage broker, we are able to offer you our services, except in the Eastern Townships, where we currently work with Remy Pinette, a mortgage broker located in Sherbrooke.


Diffusio will provide a monthly report to its clients.

Diffusio provides its employees continuous training in order to keep them up to date with the latest SEO development.


Diffusio uses optimization techniques, respecting the rules set by Google, that guarantees its clients a natural and long-lasting web optimzation. In no way will Diffusio use spam-like methods or damage your business’ reputation in search engines.