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About Us

Our story

Since 2011, Diffusio helps French Canadian companies increase their sales and improve online presence. Diffusio first developed an SEO expertise with local companies, mainly localed in the Eastern Townships and Mauricie.

French Canadian Market

Diffusio successfully improved the online positioning of many companies targeting the French Canadian market. Thanks to their improved online presence, our clients greatly increased their sales. They still work with Diffusio to this day in order to keep their role as leaders in their market. They hire new employees, open new offices and develop new business partnerships thanks to their web presence.

International market

Diffusio also helped a local manufacturing company find new distributors to distribute their product on a worldwide scale. The company’s web presence increased dramatically to the point that they receive an average of 2 forms a week for new distributing partnerships. Up to this day, requests are coming from 33 different countries. If you want to know more about this particular case, read our case study.

Our mission

Diffusio’s mission is to constantly drive new business to our clients. Whether it be to increase sales or drive new clientele to our clients’ website, Diffusio will make sure your online presence has a beneficial position in search engine result pages. The measurable objective set by Diffusio is to drastically increase online traffic to our clients’ website. When able to, we will increase information request, number of forms completed and online sales.

Our Specialty: SEO: Search Engine Optimization

  • French Canadian Market SEO
  • Local and national SEO
  • International SEO for product exportation

Our Method

Every new contract begins by coming up with performance indicators; all of which are validated and approved by an SEO specialist.

Why choose Diffusio?

  • Diffusio has experience in website optimization, SEO and web positioning.
  • Diffusio has a University-level background in computer science.
  • Diffusio can work with your current website.
  • Diffusio can work your current web agency or communication and marketing firm.
  • Diffusio has an expertise for SEO and a flawless reputation for SEO marketing.
  • Diffusio is result oriented. Thanks to measurable objectives, we will work to maximize your business’ profitability.
  • Diffusio works hand in hand with local businesses. Its strength sits in its ability to favorably position your website against your competition, even if they are franchisee or large surface businesses.

Diffusio aims to create long term, durable and trusting relationships with its clientele…and more importantly, profitable ones! Win-win partnership.

Benefits of working with Diffusio

  • Diffusio is the first specialized SEO company in Sherbrooke and the Eastern Township.
  • Diffusio is unbiased. We will give you a different point of view than your web developer.
  • Diffusio will improve your existing website
  • Diffusio can work with your website developer

What you will gain by choosing Diffusio

  • Increased web visibility
  • Increased notoriety for your business
  • Profitable website
  • Proven efficacy through increased clientele for your business