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Why does your website bring so little new traffic?

Published on October 7, 2012

Here are five questions you need to ask yourself if your website gets little to no new visitors.

1- Can web users find your website?


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Obviously, if potential clients can’t find your products or services through Google, they won’t navigate on your website.

Google Analytics indicator: Weak number of visitors on your website from Google, except those who search for your trademark.

Solution: You need to optimize your website so that its found on Google’s first SERPs on keywords that your targeted clientele might be using to find your product.

2- Do users who navigate your website become potential clients?

It is possible that visitors that end up on your website might not need the products and services you are offering. It occurs more often than you think. For example:

  • You offer classes on how to become a therapist when your visitors are looking for therapists.
  • You offer spa breaks when visitors end up on your website because they want to buy a spa.
  • You offer B2B services while visitors need to find your clients. They ended up on your website by searching keywords that are optimized on your clients’ trademark in your portfolio

Google Analytics indicator: Keywords used to find your website do not match the products and services you offer.

Solution: You need position your website on the appropriate keywords

3- Are web users leaving quickly your website?

This occurs when your website doesn’t explain your intention clearly.

Solution: We need to optimize your website’s problematic pages.

Google Analytics indicator: A high « Bounce rate » means that potential clients who end up on your website leave without visiting additional pages.

4- Are potential clients briefly visiting your website?

Your website’s main pages need to exude confidence in your products and services. Potential clients need to be able to quickly determine if they want to do business with you. Otherwise, they’ll move on to the next.

Google Analytics indicator: Potential clients who spend little to no time on your website indicates that your offers aren’t convincing.

Solution: Optimizing your website with a clearer and better presentation of your products and/or services. The more interesting your offers are, the easier it is to position them.

5- Are potential clients visiting for your website for a long time?

Potential clients who are interested in your products and services and who take the necessary time to browse through your website do not automatically become clients. Maybe because they can’t find the exact thing they are looking for?.

Google Analytics indicator: Time spent on your website is relatively high. This means that potential clients spend a substantial amount of time on your website without doing what you want them to do: make the first move.

Solution: We need to add call to actions in strategic spots on your website. It can be done as a « Contact-us » button, forms, printable coupons, promo codes, etc…


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