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Case Study: Positioning an immigration lawyer’s website

Published on December 7, 2012

Our first case study is pretty simple: Three months ago, Diffusio obtained the SEO mandate for the website of a lawyer specialized in business immigration. It was a brand new web site that needed to be properly positioned across the province of Quebec for a specific targeted audience. We will show you today the results of this client’s SEO.

SEO mandate

Business immigration lawyer for Canada and United States of America

Jonathan Veilleux, business immigration lawyer for Canada and the United States

Diffusio’s principal guidelines for this SEO mandate:

We have selected 13 frequently searched keywords by industrial companies that pertains to business immigration to Canada and the United States. Then, we began the SEO project. Three months later, we obtained satisfying results, which will be presented here.

Ranking results after three months

Graph showcasing the growth of the website's position through the first 3 months of SEO

Graph showcasing the growth of the website’s position through the first 3 months of SEO

First positioned keyword: Right off the bat, the website showed up in the number 10 spot in Google’s search result pages (SRP). It looked promising, however, the website’s position oscillated between Google’s first 2 results pages for more than 2 months.

A second keyword in Google: We were happy to report that the website was positioned thanks to another keyword on November 8th. Despite the keyword showing up in 42nd place, it is the most important keyword for a Business immigration lawyer in Quebec! Said keyword was then promoted to 13th place on November 21st. From our standpoint, we were confident it would land on the first page shortly.

2nd place in Quebec: We are proud of what we accomplished since our client’s website is currently number 2 in Quebec with a crucial keyword used by its targeted clientele.

From what we’ve seen before,we can expect that‘s position will keep on improving as time goes on.

SEO flow

To sum it up, the leading steps of referencing this website were as follows:

  1. Implementation of the proper work tools and key performance indicators.
  2. Website SEO: the website featured substantial amount of content for an up and coming company, which required a lot of development. In this case, we have:
    • Restructed the menu;
    • Adapted the texts to be more web-friendly;
    • Added elements to instill confidence in the company.
  3. Link building: Our client actively contributed to his website’s SEO by listing his company on web directories we provided him. On top of that, we made additional link building from our end as well.
  4. Maximising the website’s positioning: We optimized the website according to additional criterias influenced by Veilleux Immigration’s competitors. We kept going with link building by considering the information found on the world wide web in terms of immigration queries that can be solved by a business lawyer. We were also influenced by how the competition was acquiring new links. We had multiple conversations that ultimately led us to bring numerous changes to improve favorably the site’s positioning.
  5. Monthly reports: We have created two types of report:
    • Positioning growth report: this report showcases the SEO’s results, recommendations and the next step in the SEO process.
    • Potential clients report: this report focused on the crucial keywords used by potential clients whom have visited the website during the previous month. It helps us understand what the potential clientele was looking for on the website and how the latter grabbed their attention.


We had to work hard in order to ensure notoriety for this up and coming company and the new domain name on Google. We were able to work with a properly structured website, full of exclusive content and accessible to our targeted audience. It took more than 2 months to obtain a beneficial position on the first crucial keyword.

Despite this waiting period, the website’s positioning generated concrete results. In fact, our client confirmed receiving more demands since the beginning of the SEO project, something that never happened before. Thus, since the first month, the website brings in an average of one new client every month. Additional clients poured in during the following two months.

Considering the amount of potential clients brought in by the SEO, converted clients and our service fees, this project was already profitable for Veilleux immigration. Knowing that the results of an SEO can maintain itself for a few months, the profitability can only go up.

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