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Case Study: Positioning a company’s website against its competitors

Published on May 6, 2013

This case study focuses on a company with 4 offices located in Montreal and 3 more across Quebec. In its field of activity, our client’s competitor distinguishes itself on the world wide web by being number 1 in Google’s search results pages on 11 keywords searched by the targeted audiences. It is obvious that said competitor works with a SEO firm.

Our client contacted us in November 2012 seeing as his new website wasn’t delivering the results expected and that business wasn’t going as planned. A few questions in, we were able to figure that our future client feared his competitor due to the latter’s number one position on Google.

Mandate of positioning the website

Diffusio’s mandate guidelines:

Progress of the positioning mandate

This web positioning mandate consisted of improving the web site, link building and spreading tips and news across social media. For example, the following action took place during the mandate:

  • We adjusted the terminology used on the main page and in the site’s menus so it would tie in with the services offered by the company in order for it to be easily identifiable by the targeted clientele (and Google).
  • Restructuring certain categories to feature the information based on the targeted audience’s search in order to better meet their needs and thus making sure that doing a search on Google would give more revelant results.
  • We have improved the way the blog displays tips and news by using strategic keywords, deleting duplicate content, creating internal links with other articles and important pages and adding more pleasing images and social media sharing.
  • Listing the blog and website on multiple Quebec-based websites likely to attract our targeted audience (and Google).

Results after 5 months of SEO

Growth of our client’s website positioning

The following graph features the growth of the website’s positioning and its principals competitors on Google during the 5 months of our mandate.

Ranking against the opposition on Google

We can see that in December 2012, our client’s website was poorly positioned compared to its competitors. Five months later, our client had jumped over five of its 6 competitors thus landing in position number 2, just under his main competitor.

The first position of Google is located at the top of the graph. Each line shows the website’s positioning progress calculated from the average position of the website based on the 11 most important keywords for our client.

  • The blue line represents the progress of the positioning of our client’s website.
  • The red line represents our client’s main competitor.
  • The green lines represent other competitors for the same field of activity.

Main competitor’s positioning growth
The graph showcases the positioning of the website of our client’s main competitor in red. As indicated above, this company dominates its field of activity on the world wide web. Thus, that company’s website was able to maintain its top spot during the length of our mandate. We have not succeeded in taking the top spot on any of the 11 important keywords.

With its beneficial positioning, this company probably monopolizes between 30% and 40% of Google searches by potential customers in its field of activity. This market share is a significant advantage. It is wise to believe that this company continuously invests in SEO services in order to maintain its position.

Positioning growth of other competitors
The green lines represent the five other competitors better positioned in our client’s field of activity. Four of those fives companies lost momentum throughout the last few months. Thus Google dropped these websites in order to better position our client.

After the SEO mandate

Following this mandate, our client confirmed without a doubt that business is going smoother since we’re working with him. We believe that the website’s recent rise to 2nd place on Google should help our client get even more clients.

Satisfied with the results, our client decided to renew our services for at least one more year with the following plan:

  • Maintaining, consolidating and improving the positioning of the website on the targeted audience.
  • Positioning the website on a new service offered by the company.
  • Spreading tips and news on social media and newsletter subcribers.
  • Implementing an online form for potential clients.
  • Implementing more accurate performance indicators made possible by the online form.
  • Google Adwords online ads campaign whose yield will be measured thanks to the performance indicators.

Knowing that a website’s position maintains itself a few months after the first SEO, the website’s profitability can only go up.

We hope you have enjoyed this case study from Agence Web Diffusio. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss below.

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